21 March 2013

Mtorres in the A350 XWB Program. Top innovation from Spain

MTorres is one of the top manufacturers of CFRP tape-laying &fiber placement machines. Not really known in public but a Top Company & Key Partner when you ask to anyone working on composites. They have worked its way to the top echelon of advanced CFRP manufacturing with equipment in Airbus and Boeing, and their primary Tier 1 suppliers.

“What we have begun to see is our equipment being purchased by firms further down the supply chain, including Tier 2 and perhaps even Tier 3 companies interested in supplying to the OEMs. In other words, our customer list is expanding, and concurrently so is the accessibility to the technology, such as automation. We are “spreading out” the technology” Manuel Torres –founder and CEO- said in an interview.

Product range includes ATL automatic tape layers, AFP automatic fiber placement machines, 5-axis gantry routing machines/flexible tooling, ultrasonic inspection systems, ultrasonic cutting systems, 5-axis gantry laser scribing machines/flexible tooling, assembly jigs.

 As an example and according to Airbus, the automated wing-cover production process will use more than 800 metric Tonnes of carbon fiber annually at the facility’s maximum production rate. 

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