29 March 2013

Painting procces of the MSN0001 undergoing. Environmentally friendly.

The A350 XWB design favours environmentally-friendly materials in the manufacture of the aircraft.
One way of reaching the objective is to replace the standard chrome-plating process with a more environmentally-friendly thermal spray alternative. This dry process produces a dense metal coating, which gives the same properties as chrome plating – including wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low oxide content, low stress, low porosity, and high bonding strength to the base metal.

Vertical Stabilizer for MSN001 painting at Toulouse

The painting of A350 XWB MSN001 in "Airbus" colours  uses an environmentally-friendly, chromate-free primer paint. In addition, following best practices from the auto industry, Airbus uses a new base coat/clear coat system that requires less paint and less solvent. This eco-efficient painting process also means that less detergent will be needed when washing the aircraft. Inside, the jetliner, Airbus will use, wherever possible, water-based paint – one of the most environmentally-friendly types of paint available.

The picture of the MSN001 completely painted is expected to be published in comming days by Airbus.

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