14 April 2013

Airbus sales chief expects to see "80 or so orders being booked for the A350 XWB" in 2013.

John Leahy, chief operating officer for customers said he expects to see "80 or so orders being booked for the A350" in 2013. In the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony for a $600 millionAirbus factory in Mobile (Alabama-USA), he added that he expected "a good year but not a great year in terms of orders" in 2013. "I'm still standing by my target of 750 planes sold this year," said John Leahy.

This figure seems not to be too optimistic; at the end of March there were sold 431 aircraft.  Additionally, it is known that Lufthansa will buy another 100 A320 and 2 A380, Turkish will buy 83 A320 and Mandala 18 A320 through Tiger Airways exercising options (although Mandala will probably then cancel their old order for 25 A320's). Before cancellations this would be then 633 orders.

Based on the article “Airbus sales chief aims to hit 750 plane orders in 2013” published in Reuters


  1. You need to be very optimistic if you think the Indonesian carriers will even be around to take delivery of their aircraft.

  2. Qual a cadência de produção para o ano 2013/2014 do A320 e qual a empresa que mais encomendas oficializou!!!