17 April 2013

Duqueine Group French supplier plans to increase the composite manufacturing capacity to be prepared for the ramp-up.

  • Duqueine 

    The aerospace subcontractor Duqueine Group has announced an investment of 10 million € by ACE Management to increase the production capacity at the three sites of the group.

    Created in 1982 by Gilles Duqueine, DUQUEINE has become a recognized French player in the design and manufacturing of composite parts and sub-assemblies, with 750 employees.
    The company works on 3 line of business: Aerospace, Industry, Sports & Leisure and owns adapted means in three manufacturing plants (DUQUEINE Rhône-Alpes DUQUEINE Atlantique in France and   DUQUEINE Romania in Romania).

    The DUQUEINE group was selected as an Airbus partner on 3 major Work Packages to manufacture structural parts for the A350 XWB aircraft:

    • 1. Fuselage frames : sections 11-12 (Aerolia) and sections 13-14 (Premium Aerotec)
    • 2. Window frames : sections 11-12 (Aerolia) and section 15 (Spirit AeroSystems)
    • 3. Acoustic panels for air inlets (Airbus Nantes)

    DUQUEINE Atlantique site at Malville, which already employs 220 people, will extend 4,000 square meter the industrial building; clean room, autoclaves and digital machines will be installed during 2013 with an investment of 7 million €.

    Window frames for Fuselage S.11-12 and S.15

    "We have worked to become a referent in the composite structural parts´ manufacturing. The acquisition of composite site in Malville has helped us maling Duqueine more visible in the Airbus perimeter" said the Chairman of the group, Gilles Duqueine. "Then we have answered to many Request for Quotation which has forced us to enhance our creativity and our industrial processes." Today the site of Malville works on acoustic panels and structural parts for the nose fuselage. The group is involved on the A320, A330, A380 and A350 programs.

    "The piping work in Malville will be transferred to Romania," said Gilles Duqueine. "This is not a relocation but our low cost solution for low value-added parts"  Malville site will absorb the ramp-up of the composite parts. “In next two years, the number of new jobs will increase by 25 to 35 people based on productivity new lines." The group is aiming to reach a €100m turnover within the next three years.
    Ace Management has invested in Duqueine via the Aerofund II vehicle, as well as the fund's predecessors Aerofund I and Financière de Brienne.

    Based on the article “Duqueine se déploie à Malville” published in Enterprises Ouest France web




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