08 April 2013

TCT Sky, a new Spanish consortium of 3 Laboratories working for A350 XWB that aspires to lead this segment in Europe in the coming years.

3 aerospace laboratories from Spanish south area of Andalusia have decided to join forces and created TCT Sky; Teams, Canagrosa and Titania have a turnover of 8 million, a staff of 130 employees and 3 sites with 3000 square meters. Aerospace sector (and EADS/Airbus is emphasizing from last 3 years) requires increasingly larger size, with high technological capacity and financial potential actors, including laboratories.

The roadmap of TCT Sky is to have a global footprint and they can now offer a complete service in the field of the quality control of materials and aeronautical processes & structural testing, i.e. they are able to analyze from a simple screw to complete assembly of an aircraft to detect possible deficiencies or non-conformities.

Each of them brings their strengths. Teams is leader in the mechanical tests (of metallic and composite materials), while Canagrosa has been focused on physicochemical tests and services such as analysis of fluids, oils and fuels. The 3rd laboratory Titania has the capacity to analyze paints, sealants and adhesives.

The geographic proximity and the complementary nature of their activity have been key factors for this group which around 80% of its activity depends on Airbus programs (Airbus Military and Airbus Operations), though they also perform tests for Boeing, Embraer, Bombardier and Sikorsky.

Initially, the Consortium will focus the contracts with Airbus because this company has driven the operation and "the only one capable of offering large packages", although their plans are to reach all of their customers through the new consortium, TCT Sky.

Their aspiration is to lead this segment in Europe in the coming years. "The technological potential that we have together puts us at the level of the best technological centers specialized in the aerospace sector," adds Esther García, Managing Director of Teams. The competition in Europe is limited to 3 companies in Spain and about 15 in Europe.

Based on the article “Teams, Canagrosa y Titania crean el mayor laboratorio aeronáutico de España” published in Diario de Sevilla

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