17 June 2015

3 flight test prototypes in the A350-1000 certification campaign.

The flight test for A350-1000 will start this year (October) as the 97k lb -1000 engine will be flight tested on  A380 like it was done for the -900 engine.

Testing will contain approximately 120h flight hours where also certain engine certification test will be completed.

This is a lesson learnt from A350-900 as it contributed to risk reduction and a smooth flight test.

Flight testing of the 1st complete A350-1000 will start next summer (probably in September) and span a 9 month test program with 3 test aircraft (MSN59, MSN65 and MSN71) flying a total of 1500 hours.

Certification is foreseen for Q2 2017 followed by first customer delivery in summer 2017.

Based on the article “Airbus Innovation days: A350-1000 getting real” published in Leeham News.