20 June 2015

A350-1000 Master Schedule

The A350-1000 is swiftly moving through Airbus program management gates with final design freeze late last year and sub component production having started immediately thereafter.

Source: Airbus

Subsystems that had to be changed from A350-900, like the air conditioning system (to cater for 366 passengers instead of 325 for the -900 version), had their final interface specifications frozen and could now be finally configured.

Source: Airbus

First major component parts are being produced and will be delivered during the summer to 3 Pre-Final Assembly Line sites:
  •   St Nazaire in France for the Nose and middle section of the fuselage.
  •   Hamburg Germany for the rear section of the fuselage.
  •   Bremen Germany for the aircraft’s wings, there being built up to full wings based on wing boxes produced at Broughton, UK.

It will take these pre-FAL sites from August until February 2016 to complete their sectionsintegration and installation and to deliver them to the A350 FAL in Toulouse.

In parallel to the Pre-FAL sites activity, at Puerto Real and Getafe sites in Spain the tail cone andhorizontal stabilizer will be produced while Hamburg is doing the vertical stabilizer. 

And engines are delivered from Rolls-Royce Derby and landing gear from United Technologies’ Goodrich division.

The fuselage sections gets delivered to Station 59 of the FAL to get large test equipment and monuments installed.

Then the sections will be joined in Station 50, which has been expanded to 3 parallel stations to cater for A350-1000 production.

Source: airliners.net

The next production stop, Station 40, has also been expand, this time to 4 in parallel to have A350-1000 test aircraft production and subsequent production ramp to not affect the ramp up of the A350-900.

The next step also has been expanded, system integration and test in Station 30, to 4 sites in parallel.

Source: Airbus

The reduction in A330 activity is happening as A350-900 and -1000 are ramping up and the people from A330 FAL and some stations & hangars will be shared.

Based on the article “Airbus Innovation days: A350-1000 getting real” published in Leeham News.

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