13 June 2015

A350 systems for airport taxiing.

The A350 is a large aircraft, with a 64.75m. wingspan, that will be operated at a variety of airports and in all weather conditions.

2 features introduced on the A380 are carried over.
· Etacs. The external and taxiing aid camera system uses nosewheel-well and vertical-fin cameras, along with guidance cues on screen, to help crews steer the aircraft so the main gear remains in the center of the taxiway or runway during ground maneuvering.
Etacs also shows ground speed, helping the pilot gauge appropriate speed for straight sections or tight corners.

· OANS. The onboard airport navigation system presents an interactive airport diagram on the navigation display when range is set to “zoom.”
OANS shows aircraft position on the airport relative to named gates, ramps, runways and taxiways.
When approaching a runway, the runway graphic flashes amber to warn of a potential incursion. No aural alerts are triggered.

 All pictures. Source: Lindner Fotografie

Based on the article “Balanced Performer” published in Aviation Week.

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