12 June 2015

Hexcel: new factory in France for A350 ramp-up.

Hexcel strengthens its presence in the region Rhône-Alpes and has announced the construction of a plant for carbon fiber manufacturing in Roussillon (Isère) with an investment of 250 million euros.

The implementation of this new site fits into the strategy of international expansion of Hexcel, wishing to get closer to Airbus, specially for the A350 XWB ramp up.

The construction work will start in September 2015.

The factory, dedicated to the production of polyacrylonitrile (raw material of carbon fiber), will be fully operational in 2018 with 120 new direct jobs and 250 indirect.

Moreover, Thierry Merlot, vice-president of Hexcel announced that the company will invest additional 22 million euros in France on its existing sites to increase the production capacity at Avenières-site and at Dagneux-site, creating 100 new jobs by 2018.

To date, Hexcel employs 1000 people in its 4 french sites located at Dagneux, Les Avenières, Nantes and Toulouse.

All pictures. Source: Linder Fotografie

Based on the article “Hexcel lance son site de Roussillon” published in Les Echos

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  1. Yet another supplier building in France,does France offer manufacturers a better deal than elsewhere?