30 June 2015

Vietnam Airlines receives 1st A350

Vietnam Airlines has received its 1st Airbus A350 on 30/June, becoming the 2nd customer, after Qatar Airways, to take delivery of the type.

Source: Jujug Spotting

The carrier is taking the A350-900 through leasing company AerCap.

The handover ceremony with Vietnam Airlines, the lessor AerCap and engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce has been celebrated in Toulouse headquartes of Airbus.

The aircraft, MSN14, will carry the registration VN-A886.

Vietnam Airlines has 10 of the type on order, and is taking another 4 from leasing firms. 

Source: Jujug Spotting

1st commercial flight on A350-900 will be on Friday 3/July from Saigon to Hanoi at 11:35 AM.

Vietnam Airlines is offering free round-trip flights to Platinum and Gold members of the Golden Lotus Plus (GLP) program and other partners.

Based on the article "Vietnam Airlines receives 1st A350" published in FlightGlobal.

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  1. Looking wonderful in that striking glossy metallic blue!