24 June 2015

Aeroflot discussing with Airbus A350 model-mix & delivery dates while cancelling 787 order.

Aeroflot has cancelled its order for 22 Boeing 787s, the carrier's deputy general director for strategy and alliances Giorgio Callegari confirmed at Paris Airshow.

Source: Pascal Maillot

"We have exercised our option to terminate the contract on the 787," he said.

The airline executive said the decision was based on analysis of "capacity at the airport [Sheremetyevo]" and the "sustainability of the fleet development –sustainability in terms of the right mix of widebodies and narrowbodies and network development".

Callegari said Aeroflot did not incur a financial penalty from Boeing for cancelling the order. The decision, he added, "was not a one-day process, but taken in due course and discussed with the relevant stakeholders and counterparts".

Aeroflot is also reviewing its order for 22 Airbus A350s, but Callegari rules out any possibility of these being cancelled.

Instead, he said, the on-order mix of 8 A350-800s and 14 A350-900s is "something that we are looking at".

The delivery dates for the A350 order are also "part of the discussions". But while the airline "does have a date in mind... we are not disclosing it", added Callegari.

Based on the article “PARIS: Aeroflot cancels 787 order” published in Flight International.

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  1. Wow! cancelled 787- thats really rare! What to do about the A350-800 order? That aircraft is not very economical either for the airline or Airbus. Maybe a A320neo? or even upgrade to all A350's? Delivery is another thing,tight lipped about that. What about the 5 test A350's could they be sold at a discount?