10 June 2015

A350 pilots first surprise; quiet, dark cockpit design. Each color has its meaning.

Aviation Week & Space Technology had the opportunity to fly the A350. In the report published it was highlighted that several differences are apparent, between the new Airbus and Boeing widebody twins and between the A350 and earlier A330.

“Strapping in, I was impressed with the quiet, dark cockpit design.”
If something does not require attention, it is not shown and not heard.

Display color conventions are another strong point:
“Pull on a knob and you can select the data, shown in cyan. Push the knob and you have given authority to the computer, shown in magenta. Cyan also denotes a pilot action to be completed. Green signifies normal, active, completed action.”

The A350 has the largest displays in an Airbus: 6 Thales 15-in. landscape flat panels.
Source: Alexander Hassestein

Outermost are the onboard information displays:
·In front of each pilot is the primary flight and navigation display (PFD/ND).
·The top center screen is the electronic centralized aircraft monitor (ECAM) with engine instruments, system display, mailbox and crew-alerting annunciations.
·The bottom center screen presents twin multifunction displays, used for flight planning via a point-and-click interface.

Based on the article “Balanced Performer” published in Aviation Week.

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