02 June 2015

TAP deliveries for 12 A350 could be postponed 1 year.

Portuguese Government vetoed TAP "cost-cutting plan" that was considering to postpone delivery of 12 A350 aircraft. 

The measure, which was included in the TAP restructuring plan designed by the team of Fernando Pinto, was vetoed by the Government because it would mean a substantial change in the strategy and business plan that investors had access when they decided to enter the race to privatize TAP.

TAP proposed the postponement by 1 year of the order (deliveries currently scheduled between 2017 and 2019), in order to temporarily suspend payments to Airbus which have already begun earlier this year. 

However, the weekend before the Restructuring Plan arrived to the Ministry of Economy on 25/May, the measure was rejected by the Government.

One of the investors included in the sort-list "see with good eyes this measure". David Neeleman, owner of Blue has included in his proposal this possibility. It is not known however if it will remain on the final offer being delivered on Friday.

The other investor interested in TAP, Efromovich (which controls Group Avianca) will also improve the offer initially presented on 15/May.

Based on the article "Governo vetou plano de cortes de custos da TAP que adiava entrega dos A350" published in Publico.


  1. If this happens,then maybe, offer the slot to Philippine Airways-this might help them to decide (an earlier delivery slot) to take up the A350 or as I said before offer them the A330neo also

  2. I have noticed over the last few weeks/months that the slow pace of production of the A350 has given Airlines time to second think, to back out of buying the A350

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