25 June 2015

TAP order of 12 A350 could be cancelled by new shareholders.

The contract signed by TAP President Fernando Pinto in 2007 for the purchasing of 12 Airbus A350 could be rejected by the new shareholders of the company.

The proposal of Neeleman and Pedrosa includes a statement where it assumes the "sale or transfer" of the TAP´s slot for these aircraft.

Source: Airteam

The new shareholders want to promote a "change of the A350 for A330", and to have some cash input selling the A350 slots reserved as well as getting back all the capital invested by TAP with the contract signature.

First A350 deliveries for TAP´s order of 12 are scheduled in the first quarter of 2017.

TAP was the 4th company and the 2nd in Europe, soon after Finnair signing for A350s. This position is relevant for the new shareholders.

Based on the article “Neeleman e Pedrosa admitem vender lugar da TAP na compra dos A350” published in Dinheiro Vivo.


  1. It seems to me,that reading between the lines, that a lot of Airlines over stretched themselves during the manic ordering period and now expect the Manufacturers to get them out of trouble. Mind you, a conversion to the A330neo is not really a loss to Airbus and maybe the slots could be offered to others- like Emirates or Aerflot.

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  3. Talking about deliveries, where is the Vietnam airlines 1st delivery? Just to checkout my delivery statements I went back to the original production rates given years ago.
    I was amazed to find that it was even earlier! Rates quoted are as follows:-

    production end of 2013= 1 A350 per month
    production end of 2014= 3 A350 per month
    production end of 2015= 5 A350 per month
    production end of 2017= 10 A350 per month

    Well looking at this,relating it to this years production of 4! shows just how far behind the production rate is.