01 June 2015

Philippine Airlines considers buying the A350.

Philippine Airlines will consider buying Airbus' A350 jet as it seeks to boost its long-haul services, the carrier's top executive said last week speaking at the Manila leg of Airbus sales tour.

Philippine Airlines currently uses Boeing's 777 aircraft for its long-haul operations, having retired its last Boeing 747 jumbo in September last year.

"There will be a need for us to get more long-haul aircraft for expansion to North America, Europe," Philippine Airlines President Jaime Bautista told journalists.

"Of course we will study it very carefully," he said, asked whether Philippine Airlines is interested in A350.

Meanwhile Cebu Air Inc, which operates Philippine low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air, appears less interested in the A350 at this point.

"I think the fleet strategy always follows the network strategy," said Lance Gokongwei, Cebu Air's chief executive, also attending the Airbus event.

"The A350 is very ideal for long haul, we don't have any long-haul routes at this point that require this range."

Based on the article “Philippine Airlines studying whether to buy Airbus A350 jet” published in Reuters.


  1. The post is about Philippine Airlines, but all the photos with China Airlines in the background. Kind of weird.

  2. I would think that the A330neo would make a better replacement. It is very competitive against the 787, costing less to fly and buy and better still has build slots nearer than either the A350 or 787. To me Airbus is about selling aircraft,no matter which one. So to me its a no brainer

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