05 October 2015

Airbus confident of 15 deliveries of A350 this year.

Airbus CEO Fabrice BrĂ©gier remains confident that the European aircraft manufacturer will achieve its goal to deliver around 15 Airbus A350 XWB aircraft this year.

“If we reach this target, I think we have secured a strong foundation for the future ramp-up of A350 production.”

Source: Airbus

“It is always extremely difficult to produce an aircraft that is just certified,” Bregier said.

Source: Alexander Hassenstein

There is a delay on the A350 deliveries since this summer mainly impacting to Qatar and also to Finnair that is going to be recovered before the end  of the year.

Source: Alexander Hassenstein
Total orders for the A350 XWB program stand at 782 orders from 40 customers.

Based on the article “BrĂ©gier: Airbus confident of A350 XWB delivery goal for 2015” published in ATWonline

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