19 October 2015

How will Airbus increase A350-900 fuel capacity to become A350-900ULR?

Airbus expects to make only minor modifications to the A350-900´s fuel system in order to develop the longer-range version launched by Singapore Airlines.

Source: Schiphol airport

The usable fuel capacity of the A350-900 is 141.000 litres (although in the A350 characteristic document gives a capacity of 138.000 l.) and the modification for the A350-900ULR will increase it to 165.000l.

Source: Getty-images

To develop the A350-900ULR the main changes will centre on adapting fuel systems computers to increase the accessible capacity of the -900´s existing fuel tanks.

Airbus states that will also amend inert-gas distribution pipes in the wing and air-venting.
The overall modification will enable the fuel volume to rise by some 25.000l.

Source: Manuel Belleli

Some modifications will also be made to the aircraft´s aerodynamic performance, although Airbus has yet to unveil details. Maximum take-off weight will rise to 280t.

Based on the article “Extending A350-900 range may be easy win for Airbus” published in Flight International.

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