28 October 2015

Malaysia Airlines planning to replace its A380s with A350-900s in 2017.

Malaysia Airlines is planning to use its incoming fleet of 4 A350-900s to replace its A380-800s on the Kuala Lumpur - London Heathrow route once the twinjets begin arriving during the last quarter of 2017.

Last month, Malaysia Airlines signed long-term lease agreements with Air Lease Corporation (ALC) for 4 new A350-900s with options for 2 additional jets of the same type as well as 2 A330-900neo aircraft.

The A350s are slated to arrive between the 4Q/2017 and 2Q/2018.

An airline official -speaking on condition of anonymity- said the Malaysian national carrier has struggled to attract sufficient loads for the double-decker quadjet.

The A380s were used on Malaysia Airlines' flagship European routes to London Heathrow as well as Paris CDG though the latter has since been replaced with a B777-200(ER).

All pictures. Source: Manuel Belleli.

Based on the article “Malaysia Airlines mulls A380 fleet options post-A350 arrival” published in ch-aviation


  1. Great news for the a350, not so great for the a380..

  2. .Malaysia Airlines has seen some traumatic drop in passenger numbers,so not surprised about their A380's but what kind of signal it sends to other airlines I'm not sure.

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