13 October 2015

Officially launched the A350-900ULR (Ultra Long Range)

Airbus has officially launched the new Ultra-Long Range version of the A350-900.

The A350-900ULR can be reconfigured easily to the standard A350-900 long haul specification and incorporates a number of necessary changes over the standard A350-900.

These include a higher capacity fuel system within the existing fuel tanks, increasing fuel carrying capacity from 141.000 litres to 165.000 litres, but without installation of additional fuel tanks.

The A350-900ULR has an MTOW of 280 tonnes.

And Airbus has announced that there is an amendment to Singapore Airlines existing order for  63 A350-900s under which 7 of the aircraft will now be delivered with an Ultra-Long Range capability for non-stop flights to the US of up to 19 hours.

Deliveries of the carrier’s A350-900ULR aircraft are scheduled to take place in 2018.

Singapore Airlines has placed an additional order for 4 A350-900s, taking its total firm orders for the A350 XWB Family to 67.

In late July this year, Singapore Airlines - the largest customer for the A350 XWB in East Asia- cut from 70 to 63 its order –officially after a request by Airbus- and now they order 4 additional aircraft to reach an orderbook of 67 A350 XWB.

“Our customers have been asking us to re-start non-stop Singapore-US flights and we are pleased that Airbus was able to offer the right aircraft to do so in a commercially viable manner,” said Singapore Airlines CEO Goh Choon Phong.

“This is another example of how we strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations by remaining at the forefront of product and service innovation in our industry. It will also further strengthen the Singapore hub by providing the fastest and most convenient air connectivity between North America and Southeast Asia.”

“We are excited to be working with Singapore Airlines to re-launch its premium non-stop service to the US,” said Fabrice BrĂ©gier, Airbus President & CEO.

“The A350 is the perfect, flexible platform for such operations, offering unrivalled operating economics for the very longest routes. And the wider and quieter cabin will provide the perfect environment for passengers to enjoy the world-famous Singapore Airlines in-flight product.”

All pictures. Source: Marina Lystseva

Based on the press release “Airbus launches new Ultra-Long Range version of the A350-900“


  1. Get a move on Airbus,then you will clinche the "options" too!

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  3. How does Airbus increase fuel capacity without installing additional fuel tanks please?

  4. I am preparing a post for this week concerning the fuel capacity increase

  5. There is a area within the wings of the A350 sufficient for this purpose.