15 October 2015

Some examples of the "Nordic Experience" details of the Finnair A350 XWB.

"With the Finnair A350, we want to offer the best of Nordic hospitality," said Juha J√§rvinen, Chief Commercial Officer, Finnair.

"Our aim has been to consider every little detail, from the personalised service by our cabin crew to the details of the cabin design. The Finnair A350 experience is all about passenger comfort."

Starting when passengers board the plane that they are greeted by the sight of clouds drifting across a blue sky throughout the cabin.

Female passengers in Business class can take advantage of the dedicated Ladies' Room which is stocked with cosmetics and other supplies. And it has a special more powerfull lighting than in other aircraft toilettes.

Finnair went to renowned Finnish designer Vertti Kivi of dSign for its A350 cabin design, which is influenced by Nordic style and has 24 LED mood-lighting options, including a Northern Lights mode. 

The mood lighting is integrated with the in-seat IFE system, so lighting on individual screens matches the cabin light ambience.

The completely new state-of-the-art Nordic Sky seatback entertainment system has a wide selection of Hollywood blockbusters, classic movies and unique branded channels from the BBC, the National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel.

A highlight is that the entertainment system does not include games since Finnair considers that passengers prefer to play with their own portable devices.

Business class passengers enjoy full internet access free of charge, while Economy class passengers can purchase it either by the hour (5€/h.) or for the duration of the flight for 15€.

Kari Aihinen, Executive Chef de Cuisine of the renowned Savoy Restaurant in Helsinki, has designed the Business class menu. 

The A350 signature drink, Blue Sky, is a mix of French champagne and Finnish blueberry liquor.

Tableware and textiles specifically designed by iconic Finnish design house Marimekko for Finnair add a distinct and light Nordic touch to the cabin.

Based on the press release "Passenger comfort and a unique Nordic experience are at the heart of the Finnair Airbus A350 XWB"


  1. How very nice and clean looking.

  2. Hi
    Thanks for sharing!

    I Have two questions if I may: what is your view on fuel efficiency of the A350 compared to Boeing's Dreamliner as well as Airbus A380/330. Do you believ that Rolls Royce and Airbus really made a large step forward. And do you believe that Airbus 350 will be a best seller meaning that the orders will indeed result in actual sales.

    Second, I am interested in whether you believ that Airbus will be able to meet delivery deadlines and will be able to avoid delays opposite to the A380 where ongoing delays seemed to be normal.


  3. Hi Micheal, what an interesting question.I think the relative fuel use of both the 787 and the a350 must be pretty close-I would like to think that the A350 has a slight edge in that the RR engine was designed for the A350 alone, which helps engine manufacturers a lot.
    The A380 is another question, as more economic aircraft arrive on the scene,it only holds it own when really full; I think thats why Emirates (Mr.Clark) want the neo. Same applies to the A330,which although a great aircraft,it too needs the neo intervention
    Airbus has taken great care not to follow the A380 pattern, which i think lost it sales. The A350 will meet its deadlines I'm sure, already talking of a 13 per month production rate, is thinking of increasing this also. That would require extra production in Germany.So yes I tyhink this time around Airbus will forfil its obligations. As a further side note Airbus is also thinking of pushing the production rate of the A320 from 40 per month to 50!