03 October 2015

Emirates decision between 787-10 and A350-900 postponed to 2016.

Emirates will not choose between the Airbus A350-900 or the Boeing 787-10 until next year, chief executive Tim Clark has confirmed.

There was a speculation that the Dubai air show next month might bring a high-profile order for one of the midsize widebodies from Emirates.

Clark has also ruled out a commitment at the show for more Airbus A380s, although he is still urging Toulouse to launch a revamped "A380neo" variant of the superjumbo.

Emirates has "all the data we need to make an assessment" of the baseline A350 and the stretched Dreamliner, although a decision is "not imminent", said Clark.

"It will be in 2016 – but when, I don't know – and it will be one or the other," he added.

Emirates cancelled its original order for 70 A350-900/1000s last year, but Clark says he is happy with revised performance numbers from Airbus, now that the -900 has entered service.

"We are now getting meaningful figures," he said. "The originals were just estimates."

Clark had also expressed concerns over the 787-10's hot-weather performance in the Gulf summer.

He said "there are still issues with the -10", but he maintains that Emirateshas been "testing it on paper" and is satisfied it could fulfil a role.

"We wouldn't put it on New York or Sydney, but as a workhorse up to 8.5h without a kink in the payload, it looks like a good aeroplane," he said.

Despite congestion at DXB, Clark said the new Dubai World Central, or Al Maktoum International, will not be ready for Emirates to relocate its passenger operations until the 2nd half of the 2020s.


Based on the article “Emirates to choose between A350-900 and 787-10 next year” published in Flight International.


  1. He's waiting to see if Airbus announce the A380neo

  2. Very likely so but who knows what he is thinking. He chose to go larger than the 300ER with the 777-9 and larger than the 777-200LR with the 777-8. Perhaps he is indeed going larger than the A330, A340, 777-200's with A359 and 1000's and is just waiting for the A380 Neo.

    On never knows what he has under his sleeves. Truth is, both -10's and A350's will work for him. He is also going to have to worry some about what products EY and QR will offer for those same missions. In that battle field, space and comfort capabilities are extremely important.

    1. From what I understand the 781 is a great 8.5 hour plane and the A359 has longer legs for longer missions. I'm almost convinced that the 781 will be the regional plane he wants.

      What I fail to understand is the fact that EY and QR have bought the 781 and will operate them in similar climates, regardless of the different destinations. If it's okay with them, why not then with EK? This is just a ploy on price.

    2. QR has no 781s on order.

      EY has A350 regionals on order in addition to 781s. Makes one wonder why they need both types in their fleet.