23 October 2015

With how many seats will be configured the A350-900ULR?

Neither Singapore Airlines nor Airbus has disclosed the number of seats with which the A350-900ULR will be configured.

Source: Marina Lystseva

“Those details will only be announced closer to the start of the service”, said the airline.

The A340-500s previously used by Singapore Airlines for non-stop US flights were configured with 181-seats, including 64 in the business class cabin.

Applying a similar rate of 60% of the total capacity, would give it some 180 seats.

Source: MaxiAir

Other inside sources say it will feature 170 in a 3-class layout; economy, premium economy and business. 

Singapore Airlines converted its A340-500s in 2008 to carry just 100 all-business seats to take advantage of premium demand on the non-stop US routes.

Source: Marina Lystseva

The A350-900ULR will be able to fly  for around 19 hours with a range of 8.700nm (16.100km).

Based on the article “Extending A350-900 range may be easy win for Airbus” published in Flight International.

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  1. Seems a strange selection to me, a 777-9x will carry 400 passengers 8,200 n.miles. While the 777-8x with seats trimmed to 350 has a range of 9,300n.miles -a no brainer to me unless Singapore Airlines wants it soonest at the right price.