16 October 2015

Iberia will start receiving A350s on 2017

Iberia has this delivery schedule for the 16 A350-900s that has ordered:

2017: 2x
2018: 3x
2019: 3x
2020: 4x
2021: 4x

Iberia's capacity growth to 2020 will be driven by higher growth on Iberia's long haul network.

Iberia projected aircraft delivery dates at 24-Sep-2015. Source: CAPA

To facilitate this, in Aug/2015 IAG ordered 3 additional A330-200 aircraft for growth and 8 A350-900 aircraft as replacement capacity for Iberia through the exercise of previously negotiated options with Airbus.

Based on the article “Iberia: the Futuro looks bright for IAG's star pupil as its confidence and growth are transformed” published in CAPA



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  2. Airbus seems to be catching up on deliveries, 7 already delivered
    with 3 in delivery centre waiting to be delivered (MSN 008/011/016
    3 in November; Qatar MSN 013, Vietnam MSN017 and Finnair MSN 019
    4 in December Qatar MSN 012, Finnair MSN 019/020 and Tam MSN 024
    if these were delivered by year end, then that would be 17 A350's -not bad,not bad at all.

  3. I would be pleasantly surprised if they hit 17 frames. So far the 3 at the delivery center has been there almost a month now. QR 5& 6 has been doing customer acceptance flights forever...

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  5. Probably down to the customer, Qatar is known to be fastidious