14 October 2015

2 Qatar A350s at Munich everyday starting on 1st of November.

After receiving the MSN8, Qatar is scheduling dual A350 Munich service starting on 1st November.

Source: airbusboeingaviation

Previously, the A350 was scheduled to fly the QR057/058 Doha-Munich route from 1/October but it has been re-scheduled to start on 1/Nov, probably due to the delay on receiving the MSN8.

Source: MAS Spotters

QR057 will depart Doha at 08:35 and arrive in Munich at 12:45, with QR058 leaving Germany at 15:35 and land in Doha at 23:05.

Source: Munich Airport

On 1/Nov, Qatar will replace the two B787-8 Dreamliners that operate daily flights QR057/058 and QR059/060 with A350s.

Source: Clement Alloing

QR059 will depart Doha at 02:20 and arrive in Munich at 06:30, while QR060 will leave Munich at 10:15 and lands in Qatar at 17:45.


  1. Any word as to what caused the MSN008 delay?

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    1. So when Blogspot says the comment was removed by the author, does that mean the author of the blog or the author of the comment?

  3. Just to add a thought to the ramp up process, Rolls Royce plans for XWB engines to be at a rate of 1 a day in 2017. Now theres a thought.

    1. per workday ?
      365 / 7. *5 ~= 261 per year .. 130 frames a year
      looks like.

  4. Any one knows why it is getting so long , and so many flights, acceptance process of Qatar msn8?

  5. Bravo! A second flight from Munich and cuting off the second one from Frankfurt since weeks even it is advertised everywhere. Second time that the equipment was changed on my QR flight from FRA to Doha.