25 April 2014

12.000 people working in the A350 XWB program … and growing.

Currently, the A350 program employs 12.000 people all around the world and over the next 4 years this figure is expected to increase to 16.000 due to the production ramp-up.

"The German development and production share is well over one-third", says Günter Butschek, Vice President of the Group and also Chairman of the Management Board of Airbus Germany.

In the German locations of Airbus-Group, around 4.000 jobs were created by the A350 program, mainly in Hamburg – Finkenwerder.

Based on the article “So entsteht der Sparflieger A350” published in The Hamburger Abendblatt


  1. Glad to see the photo I took, during Singapore Air Show, ending on your blog.
    Always interesting data available here.

  2. Different picture of the A350, but really interesting. Thanks for reading the blog and continue posting your comments and suggestions.