22 April 2014

New Recaro seat included in the A350 Catalogue.

During the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 held in Hamburg, Airbus announced new interior choices for A350 operators based on new seats offered by Recaro and Sogerma.

Recaro Aircraft Seating will introduce its new generation, modular seat model, the CL3710, in the A350 XWB Catalogue. The CL3710 combines maximum living space and comfort with an exceptionally light weight.

At the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Recaro presented the seat with new features: “We are showing the diversity of the innovative multi-function bridge in the backrest, in which we have integrated USB sockets, a power supply, and a handset,” explained Dr. Mark Hiller, Chief Executive Officer of Recaro Aircraft Seating.

The seat gets top marks when it comes to its weight. Designing the CL3710, the Recaro team carefully analyzed every single material, technology and manufacturing process to arrive at the lowest possible weight. This effort resulted in a lightweight seat – in fact, the CL3710 is the lightest in its class. At the same time, the CL3710 provides passengers with maximum comfort. Recaro’s entire expertise in ergonomics has flowed into the CL3710. Its new, six- way adjustable headrest, for example, can be better adapted ergonomically to individual passengers, and easily set to accommodate their differing heights. The middle armrests remain completely flush even in recline.

The living space offered to passengers is absolutely convincing. The CL3710 offers maximum shin clearance even at a seat pitch of 29 inches or more. This is a result of features like the patented high literature pocket, placed above the tray table. Two more innovative details created by the Recaro team add a few decisive millimeters: One of the two beams under the seat structure is positioned slightly forward. This, combined with the ingenious solution of positioning the Inflight Entertainment System box in a space-saving pancake construction under the seat pan, results in an exceptional amount of passenger leg room. 

Sogerma has also introduced in the same Catalogue it´s new ‘Celeste cradle seat’ which provides premium economy passengers with a high level of comfort at an efficient pitch.

Sogerma's adv.

Based on the press release “Airbus expands the A350 XWB’s Catalogue offering for Economy with Recaro CL3710 seat”

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