20 April 2014

Duqueine Composites, the example of a small company that has grown once abroad the A350 XWB

"Airbus had invited all its suppliers to attend the first flight of A 350. When I saw the A350 taking off, I felt a sense of pride. I saw my parts & components flying." Gilles Duqueine will not easily forget 14/June/2013, when the A350 took off for the first time from the airport of Toulouse.

In 2009 everything changed for Duqueine Composites; this small company of 80 people based in Massieux, Rhône-Alpes, achieved a breakthrough at Airbus by winning 4 "work-packages" on the new A350 XWB. "The biggest package is the supply of fuselage frames”.

Once aboard A350, the company must take its commitments on rate, time, quality and costs. It invested and built a new plant of 14,000 m2 to ­Civrieux, dedicated to A350. "Currently, we manufacture 5 frames per day. In 2014-2015, we will deliver 3 to 4 aircraft per month. In 2016-2017, we have to quadruple the rate to deliver 13 aircraft per month", said Gilles Duqueine.

Duqueine Composites, in 5 years, has multiplied by 6 their sales and has created many jobs; they are now 750 employees.

Based on the article “Airbus et Boeing dynamisentles PME de l'aéronautique” published in  Le Figaro.

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