07 April 2014

A350 Cabin interior unveiled. Plastic pipes with warm water to simulate passengers during tests.

Airbus has unveiled the A350’s development cabin interior installed on board flight-test aircraft MSN2 at the Airbus site in Hamburg.

MSN2, which made its first flight on 26th February 2014, is the first of 2 test aircraft fitted with a passenger interior and is part of the growing A350 XWB development fleet. Intensive cabin flight and ground tests have already been performed during a 2-week stay of the aircraft in Hamburg in mid-March 2014.

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The cabin of this special test aircraft is kitted out with both business class and economy cabins, as well as test equipment to keep a watchful eye on the jet as it goes through its paces.

Plastic pipes snaking over many of the seats are filled with water and can heated to a variety of temperatures to simulate the cabin environment when hundreds of people are on board for hours on end.

Airbus said the heating systems run from 70 watts to 180 watts, with 90 watts being used to represent the average passenger.

This bank of monitors located at the front of one of the economy cabins allows Airbus engineers to keep track of pretty much everything that happens on the A350.

Based on the press release “Airbus A350 sets new standards in cabin design & development” and based on the article Airbus A350 cabin, seats revealed” published in Australian Business Traveler

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