08 April 2014

MSN5 prototype could fly by end of April or beginning of May

As explained in the article published in Flug Revue, by end of April or beginning of May the fifth flight test prototype MSN5 will join the certification campaign. It will have a “light” flight test instrumentation and as the MSN2, it will be cabin equipped.

Source: Airbus

The external paint scheme will be the same than MSN2.

This prototype will be used essentially to perform cabin related flight tests. And it will be welcome by Airbus employees as it will participate in the Early Long Flights where the “passengers” will be Airbus employees.

MSN5 is the certification standard aircraft and it has been fitted with nickel-cadmium batteries.

Based on the article “Airbus A350: Testflotte erreicht 1400 Flugstunden” published in Flug Revue.

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