10 April 2014

A350 Flight Test Instrumentation team. "Excel in Testing, Test for Excellence”

Orange is the color of the Airbus flight test Division. "Everything that is orange here, belongs to the test equipment", Airbus test pilot Wolfgang Absmeier said.

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Source: Airbus

On board the MSN001 there are too much orange lights. The test equipment weighs 20 tons. With water tanks, 60 tons of extra weight can be loaded and distributed.

The logbook of the prototypes (by end of March) as explained by Absmeier is:
-MSN1 has complete 149 test missions and has recorded 682 hours
-MSN003 has gained 534 flight hours on 111 flights
-MSN002 and MSN004 each come to just over 70 flight hours

aspire: Flug Revue

"The biggest surprise for our team was that there was so far no surprises with the A350," said Absmeier and he crossed his fingers. "So far it's going well."

"The flight testing of the 900 is making good progress and confirms the maturity of the product", summarized Absmeier

Based on the article “Ein Besuch bei den Airbus Flugtestern in Toulouse” published in Aero.deand based on the article “Airbus A350: Testflotte erreicht 1400 Flugstunden” published in Flug Revue.

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