05 May 2014

A350 lands at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. First visit to US

In it´s way to Florida for extreme climate tests, the MSN2 prototype landed at DFW airport and stayed for one day at American Airlines maintenance hangar.

Airbus flew in the A350 from Toulouse late Sunday evening and put it on display for the media and employees at American. The Fort Worth-based carrier has 22 A350-900 on order with the first delivery expected in 2017.

The aircraft is on its way to Florida to a climate temperature testing facility. And before landing at Dallas airport –with strong winds as can be appreciated in the video- it flew over Kinston, NC where many employees & families of Spirit AeroSystems Composite Center of Excellence –where part of fuselage and wing spars are made- enjoyed the low fly-by.

"This cabin is a good bit wider than the A330 we fly today," said Captain John Dudley, an Airbus pilot for American. "We've worked very closely [with Airbus] to try to determine how we can design something that is even more efficient than today's aircraft and more reliable than today's aircraft."

With a range of 8,500 nautical miles, the A350 can be used on commercial flights that last about 14 hours, Dudley said.

Based on the article “Airbus brings the A350 to DFW for a visit” published in Star Telegram.

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