06 May 2014

A350 Pilot training based on commonality.

As shown in this video, A350 flight training is in progress with the main target of undertanding the aircraft more than knowing the aircraft in order to achieve a competence.  Airbus based on a commonality philosophy in order to lower training costs for airlines and considerably increased crew productivity.

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 15 of Airbus’ aircraft models -from the A318 to the A350 XWB and A380- share common handling characteristics through their use of fly-by-wire flight controls, and are equipped with cockpits that have similarities in functionality and layout. This commonality enables the qualification of pilots on multiple aircraft types within an aircraft family, while bringing significant savings through training and streamlined procedures.

Additionally, the Cross-Crew Qualification concept positions fly-by-wire qualified pilots for an easy transition between Airbus’ larger jetliners – the A350 XWB, A380 and A330/A340 – with its single-aisle A320 Family through straightforward and rapid differential training. Another Airbus commonality advantage is called “Mixed Fleet Flying”, which is a pilot's ability to be current on more than one Airbus fly-by-wire aircraft family type at a time.
During the A350 XWB Flight Crew training, it is being considered the objective to take benefit of A380 experience as well as to take benefit of Customers feedback, for example, considering  distance-learning and training days on-site & off-site. There have been developed training solutions for Training Centers and Airlines trying to enhance synergies between Flight Ops documentations and Training Media.

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