18 May 2014

“The A350 is in a critical phase” said the Chief Financial Officer of Airbus-Group. A350 production costs closely targeted. (Part2/2)

Airbus Group is entering a critical phase in the development of its new A350 passenger jet but flight tests are going well, said The Finance Director Harald Wilhelm.

"The A350 is in a critical phase, and challenges and risks remain," he told reporters after unveiling a narrower-than-expected drop in quarterly profit.

Airbus is closely targeting the A350′s production costs, trying to reduce the assembly time for each airplane, said the CFO Harald Wilhelm. “To get to the target growth means on the make side that you have to reduce the hours spent on each aircraft significantly,” he said. “Again, that’s what the learning curve is about. That’s not a walk in the park that requires improvements, and these are the ones that we are chasing and pushing through on the early aircraft.”
Based on the article “Airbus Still Expects an On-Time Arrival for the A350” published in Businessweek and based on the article “Airbus CFO says A350 in challenging phase, tweaks A380” published in Reuters.

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