17 May 2014

A350 remains on track as officially reported during Airbus-Group 1Q/2014 results presentation, but ... (Part1/2).

The Airbus A350 is progressing apace and remains on track to be delivered this year.

During the First Quarter 2014 Results presentation, concerning the A350 program, Airbus did not reported officially any special news; “The A350 XWB program is progressing towards certification, with 4 of the 5 development aircraft now flying and over 1,600 flight test hours accumulated. The first 2 customer aircraft are now in the assembly line with certification targeted for the third quarter and entry-into-service by the end of 2014.” 

“The Group made further progress in the opening quarter of 2014, with improved revenues and earnings per share,” said Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders. “We confirm our guidance, however there are still many challenges ahead for the rest of the year. A strong focus remains on program execution and the implementation of our various improvement and restructuring plans.”

Based on the article “Airbus Still Expects an On-Time Arrival for the A350” published in Businessweek.

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