19 May 2014

Some A350 prototypes are expected to be sold.

Airbus expects eventually to sell part of the A350-900 test fleet to customers, although it has not indicated how many of the 5 jets could be transferred.

MSN5 will airborne next month and it will have a full cabin fit and be used for route proving. One other A350, MSN2, is cabin-fitted while MSN1 and MSN3 have undertaken much of the heavy development testing with heavy Flight test Instrumentation (FTI) onboard.

Airbus Group CFO Harald Wilhelm, speaking as the company disclosed first-quarter results, said that “some of them are expected to be sold”.

But he added that this would only take place “at a much later point in time”. He did not state how many of the aircraft could conceivably be handed on.

Wilhelm says the airframer has ensured that the book value of the A350 test fleet has been kept realistic, and adds that it “wouldn’t count on a big profit contribution” from any sale. “We don’t expect any substantial profit or loss from it,” he said.

Based on the article “Airbus expects to sell some of A350 test fleet” published in Flightglobal.

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