23 January 2013

Airbus CEO: we need to inject the aerospace virus to the younger generations. Target of 3.000 new jobs for 2013.

“There are 3,000 people to recruit around the world in 2013,” declared Fabrice Bregier, president and CEO of Airbus, at the company’s annual press conference in Toulouse, France.

Mr Bregier stated that Airbus is “bringing a lot to the European economy and will continue to recruit”.

However, recruitment will be at a slower pace than in the previous two years when Airbus employed 4,500 new people in 2011 and recruited 5,000 employees in 2012 increasing the global employee figure to 59,000

Regarding the breakdown of recruitment by Nations, for this target of 3.000 new jobs needed to support all programme developments (and based on different articles published) could be some similar to:
  • France: 1.100
  • Germany: 1.000
  • Spain: 400
  • UK: 300
  • Other: 200

Airbus, which employs more than 100 different nationalities, has the target of hiring around 20% non-national candidates. Another target is hiring of 25% women & 20% female Engineers annually.

As Airbus says in their presentations, "Diversity is important to us because It reflects our diverse customer base + It increase our resource and talent pool + We benefit from the richness of diverse backgrounds. It is our differences that make the difference “

The younger generations are the future for Airbus, linked to Innovation. And Airbus is working with the challenge to "recharge the young´s aerospace batteries" as said in some forum.

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