29 January 2013

Spirit Concern continues in the A350 XWB

Airbus CEO Frabrice Bregier said that although the A350 XWB itself is on track, with two aircraft built -one to be used on the ground to assess the airframe and the other the first test plane- there are concerns about program-management issues at Spirit Aerosystems.

Airbus is working closely with the company, which took around $600 million in charges in 2012 related to difficulties in developing parts for more than one new plane. Next 12/February is scheduled the presentation of the 2012 Financial Results by Spirit AeroSystems CEO Jeff Turner.

Spun off from Boeing in 2005, Spirit is the largest U.S. supplier for the A350 structure.

Spirit manufactures the centre fuselage section 15 (AFP) but also another critical work-package like the wing spar manufacturing in composites.


Based on the article “Airbus Says A350 Design Is ‘Lower Risk’ Than Troubled 787” published in Bloomberg

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