04 January 2013

Trent XWB Update on Testing. Video

There is a new&interesting video with an update of testing program for the Trent XWB, the engine of the A350-900.
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The main idea behind this video is the Maturity. All testing campaign and Pre-production under going by R-R to assure a mature Entry Into Service.

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July/2012: Pre-production begins

The world´s first dedicated aero engine pre-production facility. To make sure all procedures and processes are in place and before launching the manufacturing, the engine is mature.

Pre-production includes 1 training engine and 15 flight compliance engines.

“The maturity is looking good as the program as well.”   Chris Young Programme Director Trent XWB

“By the time we get to the EIS, I think we will have a lot of experience behind us” said Alistair McIntosh  Chief Engineer  The integration activity is been a tremendous success of Airbus, Goodrich, Rolls Royce and suppliers.”

“We have two engines that are been building;  the first engine is the training engine that will be used to prove all processes and the second engine is the first engine that is going in the first compliance aircraft “ said Colin Burke Value Stream Manager
Click in the image to watch the video

Trent XWB Test Plan:
  • Cross-wind testing completed. Stennis Open Air Test facility, USA
  • Icing & Cold Start testing completed. Manitoba, Canada
  • Water Ingestion testing completed. Derby, UK
  • Bird Impact testing completed. Derby, UK

 Water Ingestion testing


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