30 January 2013

Main Landing Gear Bay, in the central fuselage, is designed and assembled at EADS Sogerma.

EADS Sogerma, that is a 100% subsidiary of the EADS has a wide experience of over 80 years manufacturing seats and aerostructures. Originally founded in Rochefort – France, currently there are subsidiaries in France, Morocco, and Canada.

As Tear 1 supplier, EADS Sogerma designs & manufactures the MLGB for all the A350 XWB versions and the contract represents around 500 million dollars for 800 aircraft to be delivered.

This workpackage represents around 300.000 hours of engineering (mainly in the
office at Rochefort) and 130 people in the manufacturing (mainly in the assembly line at Bordeaux)

The MLGB is a complex product of  6.2m x 6.0m and a weight of 1.3 tons, with both metallic structures (Aluminium, Aluminium-Lithium, Titanium) and CFRP composite structure.

The pressure bulkhead is manufactured at Spanish supplier Aernnova in CFRP composite by ATL.

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In this video dated on August/2011, it is shown the assembly process and delivery to St.Nazaire  of the MSN001 (in French). As shown in the video, EADS Sogerma participates in other Airbus programs with metallic assembly and cabin seats manufacturing. It is striking the special transport by truck from Bordeaux to St.Nazaire that stops the traffic in some small villages; don´t want to think when the delivery rate will increase till 13 aircraft per month. It could possibly ship in the future by the barges used in A380 sections, which carry 95km up the Garonne river from Pauillac to Langon in their voyage to Toulouse.


EADS Sogerma also manufactures in the A350 XWB the Equinox passenger seat, for the business class section of the aircraft. Proposed in a 6 passenger side-by-side configuration, the seating has been specially optimised for the wide fuselage of the A350 XWB, allowing for the possibility of a bed setup without compromising the number of normal seat passengers.


  1. Creuzet Aéronautique a été retenu par EADS Sogerma pour la fabrication de
    deux pièces de structures de l'A350, la 'canted beam' et le T longitudinal, des
    éléments structuraux de la case de train principal. Les premières livraisons sont
    attendues sur le site Sogerma de Rochefort au quatrième trimestre. La «
    canted beam » sera d’un seul tenant, issu d’une ébauche forgée ensuite
    usinée. Quant au T longitudinal, il sera constitué d’une seule pièce en
    aluminium lithium issue d’une ébauche filée

    1. La « Canted Beam » (en orange) et le T Longitudinal (en rouge)

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