15 July 2013

10 experimental-test pilots have participated in the first 15 flights of the A350 XWB flight test campaign

MSN1 A350 XWB has completed its first set of test flights before a planned upgrade of its flight test instrumentation. 

The aircraft's smooth handling characteristics have been confirmed by its 10 pilots throughout the 15 flights and 92 flight hours performed to date. Both direct and normal control laws have been validated in all configurations and all flight phases including take-off and landing. No significant system malfunctions have been reported, reflecting the intense level of comprehensive maturity testing conducted over the past two years. Major system failures have been simulated including several freefall landing gear extensions that have been performed at speeds up to 250 knots. 

The entire flight envelope has been opened in all configurations all the way up to an altitude of 42,000 feet and speeds up to the maximum operating speed of M0.89. All auto-flight functions (Autopilot, Autothrust, Autoland) have been engaged several times with the aircraft performing its first auto-land as early as flight number 4. The additional and upgraded flight test instrumentation will allow the second series of test flights aimed at freezing the aircrafts aerodynamic configuration to begin in early August.


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