19 July 2013

Kuwait Airways signs initial agreement with Airbus for 10+5 A350 XWB.

Kuwait Airways chairman and managing director, Sami Abdullatif al Nesif, said that the company has signed an initial agreement with Airbus to purchase 25 new aircraft, reports Muscat Daily.

The agreement will include purchasing 10 A350- 900 with an option to select purchasing 5 additional aircraft of the same type or A350- 1000 as well as 15 small size aircraft A320Neo with option to select purchasing five additional aircraft of the same type or A321Neo.

The delivery will start in 2019. Analyst Saj Ahmad said: “Kuwait Airways long awaited plans to procure new narrow and wide bodied jets is a step in the right direction. The leased A330s coming on stream will certainly aid the airline in dispensing with its ageing and gas-guzzling A300, A310 and A340 fleets, which frankly are the biggest fuel bill burn the carrier has.

“Alongside that, Kuwait Airways is no doubt acutely aware that its regional rivals have left it in the shade and for them to gain momentum, let alone parity is a tall ask. Having new airplanes doesn't mean you will automatically makes money - just ask the likes of Air India.”

Ahamad added: “Kuwait Airways has it all to do - with pressure from the big Arab Three, the likes of Air Arabia and flydubai destroying its market share and Jazeera Airways continuing to grow their presence at Kuwait Airport, Kuwait Airways has to match its new fleet with a new strategy to ensure long term stability and financial strength."

Based on the article “Kuwait Airways signs initial agreement with Airbus for 25 aircraft” published in Arabian Aerospace.

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