21 July 2013

John Leahy attacks the 787: “it is obvious the 787 is not reliable and it´s systems are not mature”

The Boeing 787 "Dreamliner", which recorded several incidents since the beginning of the year, is not "reliable", said last Friday John Leahy, interviewed by the press.

Airbus has abruptly changed tone on the setbacks of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to its American competitor. "It seems obvious that this aircraft is not reliable and that its systems are not mature," said on Friday the COO Customers John Leahy, on the sidelines of the ceremony of delivery of the 1000th A330 to Cathay Pacific.

"What they have is an architecture that is not mature. This will take lots of time, lots of money and many flight cancellations. And maybe the rethink a few systems on board", he added.

Incidents are multiplying on the Boeing 787, which are the subject of media attention special since they took over the service end of April.

(The artist wrote Airbus in the Boeing aircraft)

Last week, a 787 operated by Ethiopian Airlines caught fire at Heathrow Airport (Great Britain). It was parked and empty. Since they started to fly off their devices after almost four months of interruption, Japanese Japan Airlines and ANA (the largest user of 787) have experienced a dozen incidents that were sometimes forced to cancel flights.

Based on the article “Un responsable d'Airbus envoie un scud sur le Boeing 787, un avion pas fiable" published in L'Expansion


  1. Better be careful Mr. Leahy. The only reason your A380's cracked wings are known is because of the Qantas A380 engine explosion. Holes were blown open in the wing exposing cracks that might not have been discovered until years later when a wing cracked off in flight.

    As Leahy knows, aircraft design is a tricky business. Let's hope the A350 is without flaws (it isn't).

  2. You are right Kris. It is striking the euphoric attitude of Mr.Leahy when the A350 XWB has not even flown its first 100 hours

  3. We must consider the source. Leahy is a sales guy, and taking digs at his competitor is a sales tactic. But it could be dangerous. This is the same guy who said "4 engines are better than 2" and ended up with a costly flop with his A345 vs 777.

    Both companies make great airplanes. Both 787 and A350 are full of new technology. Lets hope both are safe. Unlike a car where you can pull over when there are glitches, airplanes don't have that luxury.