25 July 2013

4 years of engineering hard work using the “DMU as master” to close the A350 XWB MSN1 Digital Mock-Up before the first flight.

One month and a half before the first flight, the DMU (Digital Mock-Up) for the first flyable A350 XWB (MSN1) was closed. During 4 years since the first drawing -the pylon- was produced in April 2009, MSN1 definition has been generated using DMU as a unique master, shared by all teams at Airbus and suppliers.

More than 50.000 Definition Data Sets for airframe and additional 4.000 for Flight Test Installation has been produced from January/2012 until April/2013.

click in the picture to watch the video

The MSN1 DMU has allowed detecting and solving a very important number of design issues well in advance, drastically reducing the number of non conformities and corrections at the FAL, saving significant time.

In the DMU reviews of the different teams and workpackages during the development phase, a special focus on Zone Safety Analysis has enabled teams to reach a high level of design quality regarding safety.

phisical mock up in the past.

A mature DMU is the base to be prepared for the ramp up.

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