26 July 2013

First flight in the A350 XWB cabin demonstrator took 5 hours.

Airbus has successfully completed the 1st cabin virtual flight paving the way for the first commercial passengers to fly on the A350 XWB in the 2nd half of 2014.

Cabin Zero -cabin demonstrator- is located in Hamburg

To ensure system maturity at EIS entry-into-service, verifying correct operability and analyzing human factors in conditions as close to reality as possible, Airbus put in place the “Cabin 0” concept at the beginning of the development phase; a representative section of A350 XWB fuselage that features the cabin systems found on the real aircraft. The use of such equipment allows this test to be performed long before an aircraft with a fully equipped cabin is completed and the first passengers can be transported.

The 2 real airline pilots, 8 airline cabin crew members and 129 passengers onboard went through all the various flight phases of a real flight from boarding to deplaning including a meal service and a snack before arrival served from the integrated galleys. Having stowed their hand-luggage, the passengers were able to try out different seats while the crew operated various systems including the all-LED lighting and intercom from the flight attendant panel (FAP) that centralises around 40 different control functions.

Two of the five A350s in the test fleet - MSN2 and MSN5 - will be fitted with cabin interiors. These aircraft will be used for early long flight, evacuation and route-proving tests.

Based on the article “A350 cabin simulator performs first virtual passenger flight” published in FlightGlobal

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