11 July 2013

Boeing 787 versus A350 XWB Orders. Last 5 years or the first 5 years since launch.


Orders in last 5 years.
When Airbus chief operating officer (COO) customers John Leahy claims that the A350 XWB has outsold the 787 in the past 5 years by a factor of better than 2:1, it is true but it requires some explanation.
The A350 XWB garnered 232 net orders between 2008 and 2012 whereas the 787 grabbed just 31 net orders.
The calamitous breakdown in the 787′s global supply chain and the resulting perennial delays were primarily to blame for the dearth of Dreamliner orders, but also because the A350 is designed to take on the 777 as well.


Orders 5 years since its launch
However, when factoring in the time lapse following the aircraft’s formal launch, the A350 XWB has received 535 orders 5 years since its launch in July 2007 or 505 orders should one consider its launch to be in 2005 with the A350 Mk 1.
In comparison, the 787 has received 910 orders for the first 5 years since its launch in 2004. Furthermore, during 2008-2012 the 777 garnered 387 net orders, including the landmark year of 2010 when Boeing recorded 200 net orders for the aircraft.
On a combined basis, the 777/787 sold 418 examples in the past 5 years, outselling the A350 XWB by a factor of 1.8, although Airbus is likely to contest such comparisons by claiming the A330 outsold the 787 by close to 2:1 from 2008 to 2012.

Based on the article “Boeing 777X & 787-10 show the lure of the X factor” published in Aspire Aviation

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