03 July 2013

Airbus moves against the new 787-10 launched by Boeing, offering to airlines a “regional” version of the A350 with similar payload-range capability.


Airbus is offering airlines a shorter-range "regional" version of its A350-900passenger jet, sales chief John Leahy said at the Paris Airshow.

The previously undisclosed move emerged 2 days after Boeing launched a larger version of its 787 Dreamliner, designed for airlines willing to surrender part of the range of its newest jets to carry more people on dense, intra-Asian routes.

The "regional" version does not involve design changes to the current A350, but it will be offered with lower-thrust Rolls-Royce engines tuned for shorter routes than the baseline model.

"I have a regional version...On the A350-900 there is a regional version with de-rated thrust," said Leahy.
An Airbus spokeswoman said the regional A350 would "match the payload-range capability of the (Boeing) 787-10".

Based on the article “Exclusive: Airbus offers 'regional' A350 - sales chief” published in Reuters

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