07 July 2013

A350 XWB Flight Test Program: schedule for taking the prototypes into the air.

The main challenge for the flight test program right now is getting enough aircraft into the air as soon as possible. The schedule is very tight, and the focus is now to speed-up the assembly of the prototypes –engines will be installed on the MSN3 by end of July – and the progress of the flight tests themselves.

A no-updated Flight test plan

  • MSN1 took off on 14/June/2013 and is used for exploring the operational flight envelope, systems and engine testing.
  • MSN3 will fly in October/2013 to validate the airplane’s performances and participate in systems and engine testing.
  • MSN2 will fly in January/2014 and will be used for cabin development and certification
  • MSN4 will fly in February/2014 and will validate the avionics
  • MSN5 will fly in April/2014 and will be used for cabin certification, airport compatibility, route proving, ETOPS and flight crew training.

The EIS with Qatar Airways is planned for “the second semester of 2014” which would allow Qatar to receive the 3 first series aircraft initially planned for 2014. More than challenging.


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