04 December 2012

A350 XWB is on its wheels

Airbus has successfully completed the main structural assembly and system connection of A350 XWB MSN1, the first flight test aircraft.

 click on the image to watch the video

As we can watch in the video, the aircraft was moved from the main assembly station (station 40) to the indoor ground test station (station 30) at the Toulouse Final Assembly Line.


The assembly work performed in station 40 included:

·         The wing join-up

·         The Horizontal Stabilizer installation

·         The Vertical Fin installation

·         The Rear fuselage section19.1 join-up

·         The main landing gear installation

·         The Pylons join-up

·         The successful electrical power-on of the aircraft's entire fuselage & wings

 Next step, station 30 start by filling of the aircraft's hydraulic system and leak tests.

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