14 December 2012

Operational Geo-Localization of torque tools at Pylon Assembly line

Numerous torque operations are included in the pylon assembly. There is a dedicated torque station for the primary structure, where all structural bolts are fastened manually by an operator. Advanced traceability of each process step is intended and this also foresees the geometrical location of each torque process.

This is done with the Oxford metrics system, a motion capturing solution from Vicon.

In contrary to general shop-floor localization, in this case the accuracy of positioning is a central factor, requiring magnitudes of mm, but the controlled area is therefore smaller and more specific, than with an “all-shop-floor-localization”. The Vicon tracking system is based on triangulation, performed by a camera system that captures the movement of a ball point structure. The positioning of the tool related to the pylon is realized by equipping each with reflecting ball points as shown in the pictures.

Several cameras analyze the recording of the ball point structure in 2D. The movement and distance thereby is calculated on the basis of the known size and geometry of the ball point structure. To retrieve the 3D data, several camera systems are combined in superposition.

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