09 December 2012

MIRA augmented reality technology used for checking the pylon assembly

In the Pylon Assembly line, it has been used MiRA (Mixed Reality Application), a three-dimensional (3D) viewing device, to save time and cost.

 click the image to watch the video of the pylon assembly&check process

In 2009, EADS Innovation Works and Airbus set about developing a collaborative project to help automate the aircraft production process. Three years later, Airbus quality inspectors in St.Eloy are using MiRA, to compare aircraft on the production line with their 3D digital mock-ups.
click the image to watch the video of the pylon assembly&check process

The genesis of MiRA took it through the following process:
- From 2009 Innovation Works developed MiRA’s technological foundations. This included software and hardware development and integration (camera and motion sensors).

 - In 2010, Innovation Works and Airbus built a business case for MiRA, while also progressing to a more mature prototype.
 - In early 2011, Airbus decided to fast track MiRA’s development, in order to ensure its availability in time for A350 XWB series production at the end of 2011. Technology development was completed and a production supply chain put in place

click the image to watch the video of the pylon assembly&check process
MiRA is now in use on the A380 and A350 XWB production lines, being used to check the secondary structural brackets that hold systems such as hydraulics and pipes in place. The target is to reduce the time needed to check tens of thousands of brackets in the fuselage as well as high reduction in late discoveries of damaged, wrongly positioned or missing brackets.


  1. Accenture told me about the making of this app. I think it's somehow theatrical, and I doubt that it's going to have a huge effect on efficiency in the short term.

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